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 11/24/2011  The Kanimbla, formerly the Greator Gator, was decommissioned by the RAN. The decomissioning speach may be found on the RAN website
 6/9/2009 I have new photo albums in place, with a slideshow, and multiple viewes. The biggest bonus of this is ease of adding photos, and updating them. Let me know what you think!
 6/15/2007 I know I haven't updated things in a while, but i've been really busy. I think I secured the message area against hackers, finally, so all should run much smoother.
I'm open for ideas on how to improve the web site, and make it more useful to all... Please drop me an Email with suggestions...
 09/22/2005 The new messages forum is up and running. I will try to convert history over...
 10/27/2003  Hip, Hip, Hoorah for Mr Leonard! He was just given his first command. Please give your congratulations to Cdr. Leonard as he accepts command of the USS THOMAS S GATES (CG-51), homeported in Pascagoula, Mississippi. I can still remember when he was a J.G. and our (E-Div) Division Officer... Definately one of our best! (along with Mr. Shebroe)
 04/23/2003  I updated the links page, and added some more fun links for Saginaw / Navy stuff... Please check it out!
 10/16/2002  I just added a link to the Virtual Tour of the Austrailian Fleet. This includes a nice tour of the Former Saginaw. Everyone should check this out!
 05/28/2002  I was recently informed by Terry Paggi that a resin model of our beloved ship can be purchased at for around $55.00. It looks like a nice model, and I plan on getting one!!
 08/05/2001 The Austrailian Navy links are back up, so that everyone can see what the ol' girl is up to these days. It appears that the Austrailian Navy re-worked thier web sites, which broke our links for a while...
 05/18/2001 Well, The messages bases are up now, and working well, I think... I also added a section where people can register their Email addresses and web page URLs... Hope you all like it. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!
 05/01/2001  I have a prototype message base available for testing now if anyone wants to give it a try. It will be appearing on the main menu very soon, and I hope that people like and start using it for posting messages back and forth instead of using the guestbook for that. Please give it a look, and let me know what you think. As always, any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Click here to try it out!
 05/01/2001  As I promised, Cdr. McLaughlin's sons email is Please send him and his family a little note of support.
 04/29/2001  I wanted to let everyone who served on the Sag from '74 to '76 know that Cdr. McLaughlin recently passed away. I received an Email yesterday from his son, and will be posting his Email address here so that shipmates and friends can send condolences, and share memories with his family. Although I never met Cdr. McLaughlin, I'm sure that those of you who served with him will fondly remember him, and will keep him and his family in your prayers.
 04/25/2001  Just a note, I am working on a message board for the site. This will hopefully ease the use of the guestbook for this purpose. It is almost done, and should be up and running by the end of next week.
 04/20/2001  From LCDR Mullan, PRO HMAS Kanimbla: "In reality we have been in the dockyard for the last 4 years undergoing extensive modernisation and upgrade. We only went back into the fleet in DEC 00 and our first major activity is Exercise Tandum Thrust in May with the USS ESSEX ARG during which time us and our sister ship (MANOORA ex FAIFAX COUNTY) will be landing an Austalian Army battalion. The entire taskgroup will also of course include a few thousand Marines supplied by your guys."
 04/18/2001  The new photo albums are in!
 04/03/2001  I am working on the new photo albums section for the site. There will be 3 srctions that cover the ship, and areas of the ship, life at sea, and ports of call. As I scan my good pictures, these areas will be expanding, and I will probably break them up into more sections by year, or by deployment, etc. Please check them out, and give me any suggestions you may have!
 02/15/2001  I am opening up the photo album section for everyone who would like to post a picture of the Sag, or a photo from ports of call, ship parties, shipmates onboard, areas of the ship, etc... basically anything related to the Saginaw or crew. Please E-mail your photo to me in any of the standard formats (at least 400x200 pixels in size) with a description of the event. Please include the approximate date the picture was taken, the location, and the deployment name if applicable. I intend to separate the photo album into many different albums as soon as I have enough pictures.
 01/22/2001  The HMAS Kanimbla, formerly the USS Saginaw, is assigned a home port! She is now home ported at the Fleet Base East. For details, please see the RAN Navy News article here .
 01/01/2001  This space is for news events concerning the USS Saginaw, former shipmates, reunions, etc. If you would like to add an event here, Please E-mail me with the information.

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